One more successful conference was recently organized by BUSINESSMED and Eurochambers. The Euromed project, dedicated to the promotion of business and private investments in the Euro-Mediterranean area, managed to bring together opinion leaders, heads of Unions and Federations, Local Officials and entrepreneurs in fruitful dialogue on the empowerment of the Mediterranean region.
Eurochambers, the leading player in of the European Entrepreneurial community, was represented by Dirk Vantyghem, Director of Operations, Ines Briad, coordinating the Presentations, Sophia Economacos, the President of the Eurochambres Women Network and many women representatives of local European Chambers.

The participants exchanged ideas and best practices that could be adopted by each other and would help in the promotion of local enterprises.
Sophia Economacos, who represented Eurochambers, as well as the Greek National Chamber Network, focused her presentation on the organization of clusters and cooperatives, projects they are now attempting to organize in Greece to fight unemployment. Anna Benito representing the Chamber of Valencia presented the info centers they have organized within the Spanish Chambers in order to fight unemployment.

All the speeches were exceptional and well-presented. They provided tools and information for the development of entrepreneurship in the area. Best of all was the opportunity the conference gave for the participants to network and exchange real-life experiences. Some participants also had the chance to promote their work and products and find business partners among others attending the conference.

I must point out that the most successful aspects of the European conferences and the projects they represent are the opportunities they provide to exchange cultural knowledge and abilities, to bring people together, and shrink geographical distances, to add a new dimension to previously accepted economic, professional and entrepreneurial practices and give people the chance to create a better world; one which is more productive, more civilized and friendlier, and which is ready to meet the demands and fulfill the expectations of our time.


The family picture of the Euromed Invest Academy Conference at Marrakech